In eleven years of radio interviews, I have never had anyone on my show that can teach people how to quick turn vacant land.

Vena Jones-Cox on WNKU Real Life Real Estate Investing with Vena Jones-Cox

Since we heard you speak, my wife and I have moved full steam into vacant parcels. Hearing your success was very inspirational!

We have sold 6 properties with a RETURN OF 40% TO 200%! Bryan P. - Orange Park, FL

This is an area most investors have overlooked. As a CPA, I have to say that over the many years I have worked with fellow real


Judith Dacey - President - MCREIA

I have been in real estate for over 30 years & have experienced many opportunities. I was so impressed by Russell's presentation I

his program! Many real estate investors don't understand what great opportunities they would have if they became involved in land.

Chuck Burt - President - Investors Resource Center

You created a manual that doesn't exist elsewhere. It fills a gap for educating investors in this overlooked area of real estate investing.

Bob Jacobs - Past President - JAXREIA

I am always on the look out for an out-of-the-ordinary presentation for our members. Russell was engaging and informative. I plan to

have him back soon!

Dawn Stephens - President - NFREIA

I have experience with land as a realtor, but I never knew the secrets and methods to unlock its potential.

Charles Y - Live Oak, FL

You impressed me when you talked that you are very sincere and have "heart of a teacher" as Dave Ramsey says.

Marsha P - Jacksonville, FL

I liked the fact that there is virtually NO COMPETITION in this niche and that money can be made relatively quickly.

Paul K - Ocala, FL