How We Got Started

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to tell you about us and the Vacant Land Guide™—How to Buy Vacant Land at Wholesale Prices. 

The first draft of the Vacant Land Guide™ was written by Russell Ward as a result of his extensive experience in vacant land transactions.  Russell later made the acqaintance of Robert Jacobs, an attorney and real estate investor. Bob helped edit the Vacant Land Guide™ and provided Russell with further insights based on his own experiences as a real estate attorney and investor. 

We believe that you will find the Vacant Land Guide™ to be a most worthwhile investment for you. Here’s some more information about us and our Vacant Land Guide™ Mission Statement. 

Russell Ward - Author

Russel WardRussell Ward is a raw land investor who has been extensively involved in more than 600 land transactions ranging from .25 to 500 acres.  Russell income has been solely generated through vacant land transactions.  He has two Master degrees, including a Master’s in Management with an emphasis in entrepreneurship.  Russell resides near Jacksonville, Florida.

Russell has used his insight and experience in vacant land transactions to write the Vacant Land Guide™. His passion for training and educating investors in vacant land real estate is evident in both the content of the Guide and the personal presentations that he puts on for investors.  His intent is to equip the investor so that he or she may go out and be come an independent and successful vacant land investor.

Russell’s public speaking experience comes from addressing audiences throughout the world during his earlier days as a minister.  Russell has spoken to diverse, worldwide audiences in numerous countries, including the USA, the Philippines, Jamaica, and Great Britain.