Frequently Asked Questions

Real Estate coaching converts dreams into reality.  The process ensures you execute a game plan that produces solid results for you.  Coaching also accelerates your learning about vacant land so you are able to do land deals more quickly and efficiently. 

Russell works with you to formulate your business goals, helping you to create the steps that will enable you to become successful in your own land business.  Russell’s main focus is to increase your real estate literacy and help you to learn the fundamentals of doing land deals.  The one-on-one attention provides invaluable feedback as you develop your strategy for financial freedom. 

All you need to be successful is knowledge and confidence.  I teach you how to find great deals and give you the confidence to act on the real estate knowledge that I teach you.

A coach is an unbiased listener who is there to help you get what you want in life.  A coach is a skilled guide and mentor who can help you set goals, stay on track, and help refine your skills.  A coach will help you increase your productivity so you can have the business and personal life you’ve always dreamed about.

You’ll meet with Russell on the phone at a pre-arranged time.  Together with Russ, you will design your own personal action plan.  Coaching works best through small, consistent actions taken over time.  The more committed you are, the more you’ll get out of your coaching experience.

Personal Coaching is similar to a working with Personal Fitness Trainer.   Many fitness centers have personal trainers who customize a fitness routine for a client.  The first question the fitness trainer asks is what do you want to achieve?  Once the client answers other relevant questions, the trainer builds an action plan that is wrapped around the client’s goals.  The trainer then holds the client accountable to fulfilling those goals. 

Many investors have joined the ranks of those who have spent money on programs from well-known real estate professionals but then struggled with the implementation.  These programs are based on a "one-size-fits-all" formula.  The coaching you will receive is customized to fit you and only you.

Coaching works because of three unique features:

Empowering: The mentor and investor become a collaborative team, focusing on the investor’s goals and needs and accomplishing more than the investor would alone.

Accountability: With someone to walk shoulder-to-shoulder with you, you will take more actions, think bigger, and get the job done more efficiently.  Russell will be completely honest with you.  This helps you to keep your focus and attain more that you could alone.

Expertise: The mentor knows how to help the investor make better decisions, personalize or customize the investor’s goals, make more money, and structure their land business for maximum productivity.

  • Setting and achieving proactive, powerful goals
  • Designing an action plan that allows you to set and reach your business goals
  • Discussion of the specifics of land deals
  • Increasing the number and amount of land deals
  • Negotiating and networking skills
  • Achieving financial independence

Goals are created based on the investor’s core values.  A coach will help you sort through what are the best options that are in line with your core values.  Once you create goals based on your core values, you will progress more readily and rapidly.

Your personal coach will help you make smarter and better decisions.  The Coach is unconditionally supportive of what the investor wants to do.  The coach is available to give you clarity when and where you need to take action.

The coach will help you find tactics to shorten your search and so you can make money faster.

Russell will assist you:

  • Gain a true supportive partner that is passionate about your success  
  • Encourage and celebrate with you every step of the way

YOU are your most important asset!   Hiring a coach is one of the greatest ways to invest in YOU.  Why?   Coaching will help YOU to grow personally and professionally.  YOU as a person are more important than your stocks, bonds, or your job.  Through coaching YOU should expect to receive more out of it than you invested.

Contact Russell via phone or fill out the Contact Us form and let’s talk to determine if real estate personal coaching works for you, so you too can become a successful vacant land investor like me.

Knowledge comes from learning.  Confidence comes from experience.  It is difficult to have positive experiences without some advantage of support.  This is where coaching from an experienced investor becomes critical.  It is like you are taking a short cut to the front of the success line.  Real estate coaching can save you years of painful struggle and save you literally tens of thousands of dollars.