Who is it for?

The comprehensive Vacant Land Guide™ is for any person that seriously wants to invest in vacant land at below-market wholesale prices. The Vacant Land Guide™ helps you find landowners that are willing to sell below-market! 

  • Country Dream Home: You may be looking for an ideal home site in the country for your dream home. 
  • Home with Extra Land: You might want to acquire a larger parcel, build on part of it, and keep the rest as an investment.  You could sell it later and live mortgage free!  For instance, we recently spoke with a retired general in Georgia that bought some acreage with the intent to build on part and land-bank the rest for future profits.
  • Your Own Vacant Land Business: Better yet, you may want to establish your own real estate business that has vacant land as its firm foundation. And you don’t have to have lots of cash to make this happen. Our system identifies many paths you can take, such as land options, to control the land yet limit your cash outlay.
  • Your Expertise Will Grow: The more deals you do, the more comfortable and knowledgeable you will become. That sets you up for larger transactions with much greater income potential.  The Vacant Land Guide is the first vital step in reaching that goal.
  • Land Ventures LLC Might Do a Land Deal with You:  Most transactions you’ll do on your own. The Vacant Land Guide gives you all you need to do that. But you might find a larger parcel at the right price or a more complex deal that is beyond your abilities.  If you need our help, Land Ventures LLC will consider participating with you in the transaction. This gives you more opportunities to make money. 

Your Roadmap To Success

We firmly believe that there is nothing else in the market quite like the Vacant Land Guide™. You will acquire the skills that enable you to become an expert in buying vacant land at below-market wholesale prices. You can become one of the few investors out there that really know what they are doing in the vacant land business. And don’t forget. There are pitfalls in real estate investing. Better that you educate yourself upfront than learn the hard way.  The route to real estate riches is strewn with casualties that didn’t prepare themselves. Don’t be one of them.

Let’s take a closer look at vacant land. The vast majority of America is wide-open spaces. But with an expanding population fed by tremendous immigration growth, more and more of that land will have all sorts of new uses (residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural and recreational). Think back to when you were a kid. How much of that open land is now developed!  Don’t you wish you’d realized the trends in vacant land and taken advantage of them? Well, now you can! Don’t sit back and do nothing. Or in another 10 years time you’ll be regretting again that you didn’t seize the moment.